If the publication has production defects or has been destroyed / damaged during transport, please send the defective copy by post with the attached proof of purchase and the note COMPLAINT on:


Company: CADvantage

Street: Dzieci Warszawy 48

Postal code: 02-495 Warszawa



The cost is covered by CADvantage.


In the event of a complaint regarding damage to the parcel, it is necessary to provide a damage report. In a different situation with short descriptions of the complaint. If the complaint is approved, the publication will be replaced with a fully-fledged one and sent at the expense of CADvantage. In a situation where the replacement is not possible, e.g. due to an out of stock, we will refund your money.


The complaint form can be made here>>>


The complaint should include:

  • reason for complaint
  • proof of purchase of the advertised goods in our store (copy of the invoice or receipt, order number, confirmation of transfer from a bank account or the PayU system).

As soon as possible (maximum within 10 days) CADvantage will respond to the Buyer’s complaint and notify the Buyer of the required payment.


We offer several complaint options:

  • removal of the indicated defect,
  • new goods,
  • price reduction (the customer should have the amount),
  • withdrawal from the contract


After accepting the complaint, CADvantage will send the full-fledged product at its own expense to the address indicated by the Buyer. If the complaint is not accepted, the seller will inform the customer about it and send the goods back at the expense, unless otherwise agreed by the customer to collect the goods.


All questions and questions should be sent to the e-mail address: