SOLIDWORKS 2020 Part Modeling, Assemblies, and Drawings

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use SOLIDWORKS 2020 Part Modeling, Assemblies, and Drawings.

1. Comprehensive basis – This manual will introduce you to the world of SOLIDWORKS, giving you comprehensive and thorough knowledge for efficient use, from design- through assembly- to drawings. – kolejnosc wydaje sie nie pokoeleji

2. Comprehensive enough to be your only source of information— The SOLIDWORKS 2020 Part Modeling, Assemblies, and Drawings manual covers all topics that are important to designers topics, and contains 668 pages of solid design knowledge to help you use the program efficiently and error free.

3. Gives you confidence as a designer – The manual teaches you how to use individual tools, emphasizing what to do and why, with step-by-step tips.

4. The latest SOLIDWORKS manual is different from other manuals on the market. Instead of being just a regular book explaining how the program works, the tutorial uses one leading design. You can learn the entire path of the design process, experiencing what it’s like to work on real work project.


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