SOLIDWORKS 2021 Part Modeling, Assemblies, and Drawings

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3 Reasons to Use “SOLIDWORKS 2021 Part Modeling | Assemblies | Drawings “


1. Comprehensive – the manual covers step by step the most frequently used functions of SOLIDWORKS, in such areas as: basic and advanced part modeling, surface and hybrid modeling, sheet metal and weldments, and assemblies and drawings. All the necessary information needed  to efficiently design, either simple or complex objects, can be found in this one e-book.


2. This eBook is unlike any other on the market – the SOLIDWORKS 2021 ebook is based on one leading example – it allows the student to go from A to Z in a design process, just like in a it would happen in a real device design project. When you start using it, you will appreciate the benefits of this type of learning.


3. Lots of tricks and tips form the author – in the manual you will not only find information about individual tools, but also specific tips with step by step tutorials explaining which tools are better and why in any given situation. You will learn hundreds of practical tips that will help you work faster and more efficiently, regardless of your current skill level.

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