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Dear Designer! How much time do you waste trying to solve construction task in SOLIDWORKS? Do you use trial and error to find solutions? Do you search online forums and groups hoping that someone had the same problem before to solve as you ? My guess is that sooner or later you find the solution - only at what cost? After all, you often work under big time pressure - when the end effect - in the form of a quick and reliable solution - counts. You have the task to do - preparing a complete project within a tight deadline and without slightest mistakes - as nobody will do it instead of you.



Solutions that will help you design complex and demanding elements



Little-known methods that will shorten the time of performing the most tedious, repetitive activities



Practical tips that will optimize the entire design process saving a lot of your time


SOLIDWORKS is an intuitive system/software that is relatively easy to learn. But you can't learn it on your own just in a few hours. It is practically impossible, especially if you want to use it freely - even when designing new, non-standard elements. If so far you have been struggling on your own to explore all the tools that SOLIDWORKS offers, it has not been the most efficient solution! You can achieve much better results by utilizing the extensive knowledge contained in all textbooks.

Paweł Kęska
While writing my first textbook a few years ago, I entered a previously unknown ground.

However, by exchanging views with participants of trainings that I have been running for over 16 years, I became convinced that it was a great idea. The book turned out to be a great success. Therefore, strongly motivated, I started to work even harder, as a result of which two new textbooks appeared in the offer in the following year.

After four years, I completed my fourth book - SOLIDWORKS 2018. And finally, two years later I released SOLIDWORKS 2020 ebook and SOLIDWORKS 2021 EN that I am pleased to share with you now.

I wish you all pleasant reading.
Paweł Kęska

What topics will you find in the textbooks?

Each of the textbooks covers a different topic. The SOLIDWORKS 2013 and 2014 manuals are organized by topic. They gradually introduce the reader to the secrets of using the program. The latest SOLIDWORKS 2020 and SOLIDWORKS 2021 guide focuses on exercises that help you learn what's new in the program and learn useful tools for your daily work.

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All textbooks included examples - SOLIDWORKS files for self-completion.